Reliable and Affordable Dedicated Hosting

Reliable and affordable dedicated hosting servers, now available at discounted prices only at Resellers Panel dot com!

Everybody these days can afford some kind of shared web hosting and build a web site on its own. However, if your internet address is important marketing strain of your business, then you should consider a more stable and resource providing solution for the task.

We present to you Resellers Panel dot com and their dedicated hosting server solutions. With an entire server only for yourself you can ensure that no matter how resource demanding your site is, or no matter how online projects you wish to take, you will always have a stable and reliable hosting platform for all of them.

Dedicated Server Reseller

With each dedicated server offered by Resellers Panel dot com you will get ample amounts of RAM memory. The Budget Dedicated hosting package offers 1 GB of RAM memory, whereas with the Premier Dedicated hosting server package you will get 4 GB of Dual Channel RAM! This will allow your server to run faster and execute more resource hungry applications.

Are you worried about the server maintenance and support? Don?t be. Resellers Panel dot com offers a professional 24/7 support and server maintenance. You will be able to rely on their assistance no matter where you are or what time it is. You can always contact them via phone, email or the provided ticketing support system.

And now it's time for you to make some profit out of all that. Resellers Panel dot com allows you to resell their servers, advertising the RAM quotas they are offering as one of the key features. This is possible with the help of the exclusive Reseller Web Hosting Program, which allows you to sell dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers, and shared hosting plans without the need to buy them first. Within minutes your web hosting company will be set up and will start earning you money. Once you have your server set up and your website uploaded or installed in the case of a Wordpress install, you will need search engine optimization or seo so that you can rank your site as high in the search engine results pages as possible.

Search engine optimization is a website ranking process to get your website pages to the top a a particular keyword phrase search. We want to rank in the first position on Google for the keywords "dedicated server reseller", and the way we do that is through seo techniques.

Seo can be complicated because you have to have on-page optimization as well as off-page optimization. This can get really complicated because you have to get backlinks to your site. Your backlinks or external links pointing to your site must be natural. If these links are not natural you may be hit by a Google penalty. Then you have to disavow these external links and that is a long process.

On-page seo is relatively straightforward if you know how to use header tags such as , H1,H2,H3,H4,H5 and H6. Remember to also include related keywords of your main keyword you are trying to rank for. Latent semantic indexing is also important or LSI for short. Another important on-page seo piece is the silo structure of your site.

This is creating the best structure for categories. If your site is an ecommerce site then silo structure is very important. If your site is well-organized than the search engine spiders or crawlers will be able to determine what your site is about easily and then gauge your authority. But if all this sounds too technical then do what we did. We hired a Toronto seo expert and consultant from J. Clayton was referred to us by another business partner. His company has many years of experience in seo and digital marketing. Our companies work together so well we recommend this Toronto seo company,,  to all our customers that need seo consulting.

All this is risk free ? if you are not satisfied, you get a 30 day money back guarantee. Sounds great? Why don?t you try it out then, sign up now!